Soundings of the Planet


Dean Evenson, M.S. and Dudley Evenson

Soundings of the Planet co-founders. Award-Winning Sound Healing Pioneers.
Peace Through Music since 1979. Over 80 albums. Yes, we still have CDs!
Streaming worldwide on all platforms. Search & Follow Dean Evenson.
Authors of Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music.

Dudley and Dean Evenson are respected musicians and multi-media producers who have been living their dreams for over five decades. In 1979, they co-founded their music label, Soundings of the Planet, with a mission of sharing Peace Through Music. Their entrepreneurial spirit and musical talents propelled them as pioneers into the field of sound healing. Their award-winning music and videos have been used in far-ranging settings from hospitals and yoga centers to prisons, schools, homes, and workplaces to support massage and people's healing and life process.

For many decades, Dean and Dudley joined new thought leaders around the globe performing concerts and presenting workshops on meditation and sound healing. By 2020, they had produced over 80 albums and numerous videos, with their music being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Dean Evenson just surpassed one billion listens on Pandora alone! Their collaborations with outstanding musicians such as Scott Huckabay, Tom Barabas, d’Rachael, and others have brought forth a continuous stream of life-enhancing music with new releases every year.

Their first book Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music supports both beginning and advanced meditators in deepening and improving their meditation using sound tools and techniques.

These days, after years of traveling to massage and spa conferences, Dudley and Dean are content to stay home, reaching out to the world via webinars, online courses, interviews, streaming music sites, Soundings Podcast and social media. Their music is available on CD, download and on all streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Soundscapes, etc. Search and follow Dean Evenson or any Soundings of the Planet artist or create a Dean Evenson station on sites that allow that.

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Waves of Healing from TROPICAL RELAXATION by Dean Evenson & d’Rachael


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